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About Us

Miles While You Sleep is an authorized distributor of Sealy, Stearns & Foster, and other beds for the hospitality industry. Through our website, customers can purchase and enjoy the same beds many travelers have experienced in the world's top hotels and resorts.  These beds are not available in retail stores, and--unlike retail beds--are manufactured to meet very stringent commercial grade performance requirements.  

Miles While You Sleep was established in early 2005.  Because guests at major hotels would be most likely to have experienced a Sealy Hospitality Division bed, our initial focus was frequent travelers.  And since frequent travelers are also frequent fliers, we decided to call ourselves Miles While You Sleep.  Today we still offer frequent flier mileage awards through our affiliate program partners, though we also know that many our customers are not regular travelers, but simply love these beds for their superior construction, comfort, and great craftsmanship.

Partly because we no longer focus solely on frequent flier program memebrs for these beds, we will soon be changing our name to Hotel Beds Direct (HBD), which you will be able to find at (1-888-SHOP-HBD).  We look forward to offering an even greater array of Hospitality Series beds on the new site, along with an improved navigation and site layout.  

Miles While You Sleep is powered by FORT Systems, a leading web-based fulfillment and ecommerce software company based in San Francisco.  To learn more about FORT, please visit our website at

Miles While You Sleep is proud to offer you these Sealy Hospitality Division beds which are not available in retail stores.  We welcome your thoughts and suggestions, and look forward to serving you.  

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Not available in stores, these Sealy Hospitality Division beds can be found at the finest hotels in the world.

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Sealy beds are found at the finest hotels in the world